Rapid Deployable Communication Intelligence Solution

The VStar Systems MA-C MiniPOD™ was designed with flexibility in mind, providing a rapidly deployable Communication Intelligence Solution. The MiniPOD™ enables interception, direction-finding, and processing of tactical communication signals, directly supporting today’s warfighters needs and allowing for smarter decision making by Commanders. Two Active HF Antennas allow for intercept and copy of HF Land Mobile Radios from both direct Line of Sight (LOS) as well as of Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) signals for HF Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Communication methods.

The MA-C MiniPOD™ is able to be installed on most standard Airborne Rack/ Missile Launcher, such as a M299 Hellfire Missile Launcher, for integration on a wide variety of platforms. The Mini Pod was designed with ease of use in mind, greatly decreasing the Operational and Support Function Footprint, from initial integration through training, operations and support, thus significantly decreasing total life-cycle costs. While the System is considered a NDI (Non-Development Item), it can also be tailored to specific user requirements.

VStar MAC MiniPOD flyer v4 - 180414-2.png



• HF/VHF/UHF Intercept, Copy & Direction Finding
• Signal Demodulation and Copy of 160 Simultaneous Analog and Digital Channels
• VStar Patent-pending buffered Copy Operation
• Mountable on Standard Racks and Missile Launchers
• Low SWaP – Smaller and Lighter than a Hellfire Missile
• IMINT Sensor Cross-queuing
• VStar MA-GIC™ Ground Control Station
• VStar AutoTune™
• VStar SmartDF™ Instantaneous Direction Finding
• VStar Active Antenna Technology



• Windows/HTML Based Operator GUI
• Auto-Calibration
• Weight: 40 lbs.
• Dimensions: 56“Length, 29” Width, 31” Depth (including Antennas)
• Compression Algorithms allow for operation on 500 kbps Datalink
• Power Consumption: 150 Watts
• Operating Altitude: 0 – 35,000 ft.
• Ethernet Interface or Standalone Comms Systems (Optional)