Incredible Capability for Less

The VStar Systems’ MA-C Communication Intelligence System for Manned Aircraft is a flexible system that provides incredible capabilities at a greatly reduced lifecycle cost. The MA-C System enables detection, interception, processing, copy, direction-finding and geolocation of RF Communication Signals, directly supporting today’s warfighters needs.

Designed to be modular and flexible, it is easily customizable for both mission needs and platform constraints. Each system can be configured with various HF and/or VHF/UHF Copy Modules, as well as DF/Geolocation Modules or even custom modules to provide a full mission solution – be it as a prime Mission Intelligence sensor or as a secondary sensor system. The MA-C System was designed for ease of use from initial integration through training, operations and support thus greatly decreasing the Operational and Support footprint and total lifecycle costs.


Available Modules

• HF Intercept and Copy
• VHF/UHF Intercept and Copy
• HF DF/Geo-locations
• VHF/UHF DF/Geo-location
• Additional and Custom Units


• Signal Demodulation and Copy of Analog and Digital Channels
• VStar Patent-pending buffered Copy Operation
• Optimized for Tethered Operations
• VStar MA-GIC™ Ground Control Station
• VStar AutoTune™
• VStar SmartDF™ Instantaneous Direction Finding
• VStar Active Antenna Technology


• Easy to learn and operate Windows/HTML Based Operator GUI
• Greatly reduced Operational Footprint
• Auto-Calibration • Flexible Size Weight and Power
• Compression Algorithms allow for operation on various Datalinks
• Ethernet Interface