VStar Labs

VStar Labs is a premier Research & Development Facility, focusing on a wide range of Electromagnetic and ISR System Designs. Armed with decades of experience and a wide range of know-how, spanning from Hardware & Software to System of System Architectural Design, our engineers and scientists are sure to solve the underlying problem.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Electromagnetic System Design & Development (Communication/Data Systems, SIGINT, IMINT Systems, etc.) 
  • Antenna & Array Design, Measurement & Calibrations
  • LOW SWaP Embedded System Design
  • Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) System Design
  • Custom Network and Communication System Design


VStar Labs is able to provide Research & Development Services in the following Areas and Advanced Technologies:

  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems – UAS/UAV, Manned Aircraft and ground based
  • Communication/Datalink Systems
  • Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for Detecting, Identifying, Tracking, Decision and Control
  • Radio Direction Finding and Emitter Geo-Locating
  • Electromagnetic Metamaterials for RF Cloaking and Special Antennas
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