ISR System Design

Modern ISR Systems are becoming increasingly complex, requiring both engineering expertise and operational know-how to provide answers to today's and tomorrow's warfighter and security professionals. With decades of experience in ISR system integration, VStar Systems is able to provide systems that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations. VStar Systems is able to provide full end to end support - from establishing the initial requirements and CONOPS, design of the system, through testing, verification and deployment. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Manned, Unmanned and Ground ISR Systems

  • Sensor and PED Design

  • Communication System Architecture

  • System Engineering and Program Management Support

  • Acquisition Support

  • Cybersecurity Design

  • Test and Verification Support


GIV aircraft.jpg

VStar Systems is able to provide support in the following areas:

  • End to End System Engineering Support

  • System and Component Acquisition

  • Test and Validation Support

  • Requirement and CONOPS design

  • Mission System Architecture design

  • Sensor and Communication System integration

  • Ground Station and PED design and integration