We believe in the good of technology for humanity and using it to increase the safety and security for all. But with ever-evolving challenges comes the need to think differently. Driving innovation in the 21st century requires a departure from tradition and instead to challenge the status quo. We throw how “things have always been done” to the wind and create out of the box solutions.

Technology is our passion; we thrive on innovating new capabilities that supports our core belief. However, we are also the first to admit that the technology by itself is not an end-all solution to given problem. A true solution requires a deeper level thinking, looking at the problem from all vantage points and building a system that incorporates technology, processes and the human aspects.

Who are we?
System Thinkers, Engineers, Curious Minds, Nerds, Geeks and Problem Solvers who love a good Puzzle or Challenge.

First and foremost, VStar Systems Inc. is a company that thrives on thinking and solving today’s problems. Fueled by a combination of dedication, know-how and curiosity, we support, design and field systems guaranteed to meet and exceed requirements. We strive to provide a lasting solution that supports all participants; people, businesses and governmental entities.

VStar Systems Inc. was founded with all this in mind.